Alienware presents the Aurora R16, a powerful and compact gaming tower

The new Aurora R16 tower introduces Legend 3, a completely redesigned design to meet three main objectives: to reduce the size of the computer, to offer a very efficient cooling system to be able to accommodate very powerful components and to sport lines suitable for gamers. . Let’s see what it is all about on each of these points.

Smaller, but she keeps a cool head

Alienware announces that it has reduced the total volume of the tower by 40% without affecting the internal volume, which remains fixed at 25.2 liters. The tower measures 418 x 458.4 x 197 mm and weighs approximately 15.5 kg.

The cooling system would meanwhile be quieter by 20% on average while being more efficient. The temperature reduction can reach 10% for the processor and 6% for the graphics circuit. A lot of work has been done on optimizing airflow, with a very large air intake placed at the front armed with a 120 mm fan and highlighted by the Stadium light loop. The top of the Aurora R16 houses a 240mm heat exchanger for CPU liquid cooling, with two 120mm diameter fans. At the rear, another 120mm fan extracts hot air and creates air circulation.

Finally, regarding aesthetics, the designers of the American brand take up the Future Minimal philosophy, corresponding to streamlined lines close to the needs of the player.

To each his own Aurora

The player will be able to customize his future racing beast according to his needs and his budget. The Aurora R16 relies on 12th and 13th generation Intel Core processors. Dell is currently talking about three processors: the i9-12900F (16C/24T, 5.1 GHz boost), the i7-13700F (16C/24T, 5.2 GHz boost) and finally the i9-13900F (24C /32T, 5.6GHz boost).

The graphics part will be entrusted to Nvidia GeForce cards, with a choice of an RTX 3050, an RTX 4070, an RTX 4070 Ti and an RTX 4090. The amount of RAM, only DDR5, ranges from 16 to 64 GB. storage, the offer is huge with one or two storage units. It is possible to opt for an SSD, for two SSDs or for an SSD associated with a mechanical hard disk. The tower can accommodate a 500 or 1000 W power supply.

Despite efforts on the integration of traditional components, Alienware persists and signs with a motherboard and a proprietary power supply, which will greatly limit the evolution of the Aurora R16.

The Aurora R16 should be available soon in France from 1999 €.

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