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Yes, sport can sometimes be compatible with fun and pleasure. This is the case with jumping fitness or "rebounding", a cardio physical activity whose many benefits will surprise you!

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If you loved jumping on a trampoline when you were little, you will love jumping fitness. Also called "rebounding", this physical activity allows you to work your muscles intensely while stimulating your heart rate. Thanks to the rebounds made on a mini-trampoline, you will also improve your balance while taking care of your body. More than a breeze, the trampoline takes over gyms and becomes our best slimming ally. Soft but intense, jumping fitness has it all.

The benefits of jumping fitness

  • A 45-minute session burns up to 800 calories.
  • By applying all the muscles of the body, it offers a complete work.
  • It is harmless for the joints, the impact shock being absorbed at 80%.
  • It allows you to clearly improve your balance, without realizing it.
  • Very cardio, jumping fitness is an excellent stimulant for the heart.
  • Very intense, it is effective in eliminating all toxins.
  • Non-traumatic, jumps improve the mineral content of the bones.
  • The blood circulation being stimulated, it is a good anti-cellulite.
  • Jumping fitness is a fun activity, accessible to everyone.

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What exercises to do on a trampoline?

  • Heel-buttocks : Run while trying to hit your buttocks with your heels.
  • Abs : Place yourself lying on the trampoline and do abs.
  • Knee climbs : On site, mount one knee at hip height, then the other.
  • "Jumping jack" : Jump, spread your legs outward while raising your arms to the sky.
  • Jumping squats : Perform squats while jumping.
  • Slots : While standing, bring one leg in front, keeping the other foot on the ground, in order to obtain an angle at the right knee of 90 °. The rear knee does not touch the ground and must not exceed the axis of the heel.

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