Amandine Petit unrecognizable: the Miss France dares the short bob and the fringe for the DALS final

This Friday, November 11, Amandine Petit was back on the Dancing floor with the stars. For the grand finale, Miss France 2021 unveiled a new look that divided her fans.

The show was there on the floor of TF1! This Friday, November 11, the channel broadcast the grand finale of Dancing with the stars. Obviously, the remaining candidates gave everything to win the trophy. But if Billy Crawford, Carla Lazzari and Stéphane Legar made the show, they are not the only ones. For the occasion, all the amateur dancers eliminated since the start of the twelfth season of Dancing with the stars were again present on the floor. And the least we can say is that there is one who has taken care of her return: Amandine Petit. Eliminated a few weeks ago, Miss France 2021 has indeed set foot on the floor of TF1 with her competition partner, Anthony Colette.

Lovely in a little fringed dress, Amandine Petit took advantage of this television appointment to unveil a brand new cut : a short curly square accompanied by a fringe. A drastic change that she first presented on her Instagram account. “Back on the court for the DALS final. Do you validate my look?”, asked the one who preceded Diane Leyre as national beauty queen. In comments, internet users complimented her. “Wahouuuu I love it”, “I love the haircut”, “My god I love it!!!”, “It looks like a Crazy Horse dancer”, “Omg I’ve been watching for a while wondering but who is she? She’s our beautiful Amandine”, “I didn’t recognize you right away but it’s very very beautiful and original”can we read in particular.

Amandine Petit “very doll” with her new haircut

But most of Amandine Petit’s subscribers have not validated her new look. “I don’t like it at all, I prefer to be honest, Make it a wig,” wrote one user. “Short hair doesn’t suit her, I find her much prettier with long hair. I hope it’s a wig and not her real haircut”, “Sorry my beautiful but it doesn’t suit you at all , we can’t see your pretty face anymore”, “I don’t like it very much! It looks very dolly on you! So beautiful naturally”, “Not a fan of the haircut, I preferred you long hair but hey, everyone has their own tastes”added other Internet users, amazed by the new hairstyle of Amandine Petit. As a reminder, Miss France 2021 was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars on October 7.

“I think Amandine, she’s not happy. You know Amandine, I completely understand that you are not happy, it’s normal, but every week there is one eliminatedthen launched Chris Marques, aware that the beauty queen was very touched. Here, we make decisions that bother us because we have no desire to bring someone in. But you know, in the end, it’s the dance that talks.” Behind the scenes, the tone is raised. “We got really fried at the end of the show, in the sense that we had a good fight. Literally an hour later, we saw each other backstage, we were in the production office. We talked for half an hour, and we got along very well”, confided the juror on Virgin Radio. But all’s well that ends well since Amandine Petit has once again dazzled the dance floor with the stars.

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