Amazon ruined popular service – and pretends it’s a good thing

Many users rightly feel alienated. So now Amazon decides what they want to hear, and not them anymore? And the control over the specially created playlists is gone too? With an offer that Prime customers help finance through their subscriptions?

98 million additional song titles don’t help either. Anyone looking for the app in the Google Play Store has only found bad reviews since the beginning of November. “It’s been a disaster since the update,” writes one user.

Another comments: “This app is no longer fun to use.” Some users are even so angry that they want to look for an alternative to Amazon Music. They not only complain about the app itself, but also about the “intrusive advertising for Amazon Music Unlimited”.

And that’s probably Amazon’s goal, too. Encourage users to buy the premium version of the offer. In addition to the Prime subscription, it costs EUR 8.99 per month, which is almost EUR 100 more per year.

Absurdly, Amazon advertises the very same features for its “Unlimited” service that were previously included in the regular Music app. “Play any song you want” and “unlimited skipping” are two of the perks the company offers on his website lists.

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