Amel Bent: thinned and sexy, she makes internet users crack

During confinement, many people started cooking and baking to occupy their free time. A whim whose main two consequences were the shortage of flour in France and the weight gain in many people. For others, confinement was a good opportunity to go on a diet and play sports to shed a few pounds. Amel Bent is one of those stars, like singer Vitaa who lost weight during the weeks of isolation imposed to control the spread of the coronavirus. Sofia and Hana’s mom shed almost 7 pounds.

The singer is proud of her new figure

Proud of the result, she spoke on March 25, 2020 of her new figure in the show by the humorist Jarry on Instagram titled the Jarry Show : "JCome out of containment, I'm going to be in the Victoria Secret parades!"she explained with humor, confident that she mainly tried to cook and eat healthier. A technique that has paid off if the photo that the 34-year-old singer posted on Saturday June 20, 2020 on his Instagram account. In a white bra and beige pants, Patrick Antonelli's wife appears thinner and very sexy on the set of her next clip. After the publication of this photo, comments were not long in coming. "Splendid", "Sublime", "Charming", Internet users have not lacked glowing adjectives to qualify the new silhouette of the coach of The Voice.

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