Amira Pocher loses job due to persistent negative headlines

Amira Pocher
Negative headlines cost them a job

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Now all the turmoil surrounding her personal life has also affected her professional life. Amira Pocher should have been made a gemstone ambassador on Friday, but to the surprise of everyone present, actress Liz Baffoe appeared in Idar-Oberstein. Meanwhile, there was no trace of Amira.

Divorce, public War of the Roses, rumors of love, Questionable statements about ex-bachelor Sebastian Pannek, 37, a lot of dirty laundry that is washed in front of the public – the headlines in recent weeks about the still-married couple Pocher were not really positive. Now Amira Pocher, 31, has even lost a job because of it.

Amira Pocher was no longer worthy of shining

On Friday, November 24, 2023, Amira Pocher should have been made a jewelry ambassador in Idar-Oberstein (Rhineland-Palatinate). She would have appeared and been chosen at a gala and would have embodied the radiantly polished image of the Federal Association of Gemstones and Diamonds event. But that’s exactly where the crux lies for managing director Jörg Lindemann. Amira Pocher’s image has suffered so much in the last few weeks that it no longer matches that of the elegant gemstones. This is how Lindemann explains the decision to replace Amira Pocher with Liz Baffoe, 54, in an interview with “Bild”:

We needed planning security and we had the feeling that we didn’t have that with Ms. Pocher. All the negative press at the moment doesn’t really fit either. We changed our mind at short notice and found a great ambassador in Liz Baffoe.

Controversial statements from Oliver Pocher’s ex

Although Amira remains largely silent about the constant criticism that her ex Oliver Pocher, 45, fires her way, her image has taken a hit as a result, that’s for sure. And she herself made a serious mistake, which may have contributed to Lindemann’s decision. About two years ago, the 31-year-old spoke disparagingly about ex-bachelor Sebastian Pannek in the “Pietro & Friends” podcast. She discussed his mental problems and even made it public that he had been treated in a clinic. He had never spoken about it publicly before. Although Amira has apologized to him in the meantime, the incident certainly didn’t do her public image any good.

There is no comment from Amira herself about the decision to replace her. The mother of two boys used the weekend to bake cookies, do Instagram advertising and enjoy the run-up to Christmas.

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