an announcement that already angers players

Yesterday, the next big game in the Pokemon franchise was revealed, and today, we got some news about it. Unfortunately, it divides fans.

That’s it, the Pokemon franchise was full of announcements yesterday, and we can say that we were spoiled. In particular, we were able to discover the opus called Pocket, which will take the form of a collectible card game. Not your cup of tea? If so, don’t panic, a new opus has also been revealed, and it’s the next big piece of the license. Its trailer ignited the community, and since then, Nintendo has made an additional statement about the title. The problem is that not everyone liked it.

Pokemon ZA will be a little different from the latest games

The announcement that everyone was waiting for on February 27 has therefore come to the fore. Pokemon ZA Legends was put in the spotlight, but without showing the slightest image of gameplay. The mystery remains, but we still had some information to sink our teeth into. Indeed, the trailer presents Pokemon illustrated like animated architectural plans. After briefly understanding that there was going to be a story of urban redevelopment, we had a name: Illumis. The capital of the Kalos region in X and Y.

This is clearly good news, because we are talking about one of the most popular opuses of the license. We will thus be able to visit the city again, but we should not hope to go beyond its walls. Indeed, Nintendo of America’s official X account published a message shortly after the release of the Pokemon ZA trailer. He explains that this unique adventure will take place in Illumis, and only there. We would therefore move away from an open world like Legends: Arceus or Scarlet and Violet to concentrate on a unique location.

In itself, this is not a bad idea. It would be refreshing, and that doesn’t prevent the title from offering a free and pleasant exploration. The problem is that some fans don’t see it favorably. “I was looking forward to it, but not anymore”, “In just one city? Boring”, “I’m not going to buy this”, we can read in particular on social networks. Other players are more enthusiastic, but it goes without saying that the community is divided regarding this important change. We will see the result in 2025, the date of the release of this new Pokemon.

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