Andreas Gabalier: Is he single? Volks-Rock’n’Roller speaks plain language

Andrew Gabalier
is he single Volks-Rock’n’Roller speaks plain language

Andreas Gabalier is bringing a new album onto the market with “A New Beginning”.

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Is Andreas Gabalier taken again? In the interview, the singer now speaks plain text.

In 2009 the career of an Austrian singer started, without whom it would be impossible to imagine the hit world today. Andreas Gabalier (37), who describes himself as a folk rock’n’roller, can already look back on a number of successes. His albums regularly top the charts in his home country and in Germany, and he fills entire stadiums with his concerts.

In terms of career, things are going well for the 37-year-old, but what about in private life? Rumors about a possible new woman at his side have been circulating for a long time. When asked if he is currently in a relationship, the musician explains in an interview with the news agency spot on news: “No, even if I like to be accused of something.” Gabalier is “happy the way it is”.

So it is with his family desires

He is currently not thinking about having a family of his own. “Everything is going as it should and I’m happy the way it is now,” said Gabalier. The musician is currently looking forward to “finally starting my concerts again”. He recharges his batteries and motivation on stage, “for me that’s pure joie de vivre”.

But Gabalier isn’t just about to perform: his new album “Ein Neuer Beginning” will be released this Friday (June 17). With the record, the singer “worked up” the pandemic period, as he continues in the interview. “It’s about finally starting again and the joy of life coming back.” This is also reflected in the title of his latest work. “It’s a new beginning for everyone and for me.”

It’s been around four years since Gabalier’s last studio album was released. In the meantime, the Volks-Rock’n’Roller only released a best-of and a Christmas record. In the meantime, however, the singer has not rested: “I worked on the new album and climbed the Großglockner – that was unique. Especially because we also played a small unplugged concert there.” The Volks-Rock’n’Roller is not a “Netflix and Chill guy”, he needs “always something to do”.

No problems with aging

On his new album, Gabalier has – to be expected – remained true to himself and his music. English passages can also be heard in one song, but fans don’t have to worry. “The fact that I’m only making English music now will certainly not happen,” he clarifies. In the song “Damn long ago”, the 37-year-old reminisces about the days of his youth. “Of course I like to look back on good times and difficult phases of life shape you.” However, the singer tries to live in the present and make sure “to enjoy the moment, otherwise you can miss a lot”.

The “Hulapalu” interpreter has no problems with aging. “I’ve never understood why people are afraid of getting older,” says the musician, whose 40th birthday is not far away. He laughs and adds: “Maybe I’m blessed there too. My friends are already turning gray, but I’ve been spared that until now.”

The musician likes to be out and about in South Tyrol with his “boys”. The singer even dedicated a song on his new album to the province in northern Italy. He enjoys “the landscape and the friendliness of the people” there. For the native Austrian, South Tyrol is “simply beautiful”. However, his number one holiday destination is Venice. “I could go there at any time, enjoy the good food and go shopping.”

Andreas Gabalier would no longer do that today

Gabalier released the song “LIEBELEBEN” in 2021, in which he speaks out against homophobia and racism. “It was important to me to come clean on this matter. Namely, that I really don’t care. Everyone should do what they want.” At the Austrian Music Prize, “I said I would be happy if you were honored for your performance and not for standing for something”. However, he formulated this somewhat unhappily, “as a ‘man who likes women'”. Today he would no longer say it like that, reflects Gabalier. He had absolutely no idea what was going to happen. “That’s why I wanted to write this song.”

In recent years, Gabalier has repeatedly faced negative comments and criticism. Headwind is now part of his life. “There always has to be a bit of scolding for me. I’ve gotten used to that.”


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