Android: soon the detection of native Bluetooth geo-trackers

Mathieu Grumiaux

April 04, 2022 at 4:57 p.m.


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Google is reportedly working on a feature that would identify object trackers around you to avoid unwanted follow-up.

Object trackers are very popular today, as much for the solutions offered by Tile as the AirTags from Apple or the Galaxy SmartTags offered to Samsung users.

Object trackers sometimes used for malicious purposes

These small accessories make it easy to find your keys or wallet using your smartphone and the Bluetooth connection of the trackers to get your hands on it.

Only then, like any solution, smart guys have diverted the primary utility of these accessories to use them as tracking systems. Some people were thus able to have the unpleasant surprise of finding an object tracker at the bottom of their bag which allowed its owner to follow their movements in the smallest details.

The phenomenon has grown enough that Apple is offering new settings for its AirTags in its iOS operating system to limit abuse. However, this is not the case on Android, apart from an application that only seems to work moderately, with notifications that appear randomly. Tile also reacted a few days ago and added new anti-harassment devices to its products.

Google would work on a recognition integrated directly into Android

For its part, Google seems determined to offer a simple and integrated solution to all Android users. Our colleagues from 9to5Google have indeed discovered, in the latest version of Google Play Services, the mentions “ Unknown device alerts ” and ” Unknown beacon detection notification “.

These suggest that the search engine is working on an automatic scanning system for object trackers near the smartphone to warn the user of potential unwanted tracking.

It is not yet known if this detection will go through a specific application or if the functionality will be able to work in the background, in order to detect the slightest nearby Bluetooth tracker automatically.

Source: 9to5Google

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