Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in disagreement with her son Arthur: this small detail that she does not endorse: Current Woman The MAG

This is enough to make all mothers in France feel guilty. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine is the mother of two boys: a first son, Arthur, born in 2004 and Vasco, the youngest born in 2013. During an interview with Madame Figaro and posted on Sunday April 11, 2021, the famous presenter of C to You sure France 5 revealed to be sometimes at odds with his offspring. She does not hesitate to refer to her teenage son when our colleagues ask her about a fashion that annoys her. “The flip-flops that my eldest child managed to smuggle into my house”, she says.

This is not the first time that Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine evokes her role as a mother. Thursday January 21, 2021, facing Philippe Besson in C to You on France 5, the presenter had spoken about the new work of her guest, The last child. A book which recounts the emotions experienced by a mother following the departure of her youngest son’s home. “You know very well that I liked it, because I pointed it out to you”, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine said before revealing: “I read it on the plane, I cried (…) I even got up, hurriedly, to hug my children and say to them: ‘You will love mom forever, you will never leave’ .. . ”, she said, still very touched by the words used by Philippe Besson to evoke this reality. “They said to me: ‘Yes yes mom, let us watch the movie’”, she added, to end her testimony on a note of humor.

“We argue all night long”

Thursday March 4, 2021, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine had already referred to Arthur, more particularly on the set of C to You, by revealing to be sometimes surprised at the way in which his son analyzes the coronavirus pandemic. “We argue all evening on this issue of solidarity, to fight all together against this epidemic, and not to pit the generations against each other …”, she explained. Very eventful evenings!

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