Anne Hathaway: That’s why she canceled a photo shoot

Anne Hathaway
That’s why she canceled a photo shoot

Anne Hathaway has a heart for strikers.

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When she learned during a photo shoot that the publishing house employees were on strike, Anne Hathaway is said to have stopped immediately out of solidarity.

Anne Hathaway (41) pulled off a cinematic scene during a photo shoot on Tuesday morning. The actress canceled a photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine to side with the striking publishing employees.

She is said to have simply got up and left

Vanity Fair is owned by Condé Nast, where nearly 400 employees staged a 24-hour work stoppage to protest layoffs and austerity measures. The publisher had announced that it would lay off 5 percent of its workforce. Hathaway is said to have been unaware of the strike when she arrived at the photo shoot in New York City. Her team then informed her about it on site. “They hadn’t even started taking photos yet,” a source told Variety. “When Anne realized what was going on, she just got up and left.”

Condé Nast also owns the magazine “Vogue,” to which the Oscar winner has a special connection. In the 2006 film “The Devil Wears Prada” she played the assistant to a fashion editor-in-chief, who was very reminiscent of “Vogue” boss Anna Wintour (74). The demonstrators’ signs now read: “Say it loud, say it clearly, winter is particularly cold this year,” which could probably be understood as an allusion to Anna Wintour’s name. She defended the publisher’s new course in a statement to employees.

Actors’ union supports strike at Condé Nast

Shortly after Anne Hathaway canceled the photo shoot, the actors’ union SAG-AFTRA released a statement from its executive director Duncan Crabtree-Ireland. In it he assured the Condé Nast employees of support. “We applaud these workers who are taking action to defend their livelihoods, and we encourage everyone to recognize Condé Nast’s picket lines and join us in supporting this promising new era of worker empowerment.”

How Page Six, the New York Post’s gossip magazine, reported, the actress’ shoot shouldn’t be canceled entirely. It will be postponed to another day.


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