another related matter? “we must not give in to psychosis”, insists the Mayor

The mayor of the commune of La Plaine where young Lina lived, who disappeared in September, comes out of the shadows and intends to reassure his constituents, while a body riddled with bullets has been found. Could the two cases be linked?

No, the investigation is not at a standstill. But the authorities in charge of the case seem at a loss to understand what happened to Lina on Saturday September 23. The 15-year-old teenager had to meet her boyfriend in Strasbourg in the middle of the day, by taking the train from the Saint-Blaise-la-Roche station which is located three kilometers from the family home. Lina had decided to complete her journey on foot. But ultimately she is not never boarded his train and his family, worried about not having any news of him, quickly reported his disappearance.

Several avenues are being considered. Investigators are interested in a blue car in which the teenager was boarded when she disappeared, according to a witness. Several searches were carried out and residents of the commune of La Plaine were also questioned. For his part, the boyfriend – Tao – has long been suspected. But, two months after her disappearance, Lina remains nowhere to be found and a certain tension is felt in the Bas-Rhin town where the teenager lived.

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The mayor wants to reassure his constituents

It must be said that an old case of disappearance has resurfaced: a friend of Lina remembered that a body had been recovered in 2000 in the Coucou pond, in La Plaine, and, a few days before the disappearance of the teenager, the body of 51-year-old professor riddled with bullets was found a few kilometers away. Could the two cases be linked? Investigators have not yet ruled out this hypothesis.

THE mayor of the town with around 1,000 inhabitants, has clearly felt the concerns of its citizens, some of whom have become “distrustful”. Above all, we must fight against psychosiswe were unlucky that this affair fell on us, but that does not mean that the inhabitants are more in danger than elsewhere”he stressed to France 3, to reassure them. He believes that the media fuels “the fear” inhabitants of the Plain. “Today, I no longer hear too many questions from them. They move on to something else. We are a quiet little town, he insisted. One of the residents also reminded our colleagues that, “if we have to stop living with everything that happens every day in the world, we no longer do anything”.

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Many residents have changed their habits

But these comments contradict other testimonies collected by France 3. Some parents actually expressed their fears and clarified that they had changed their habits since Lina’s disappearance. “I no longer let my boy go out alone. He used to go by bike to see a lady further down in the village, he no longer does that”Armelle said, specifying that her child was also anguish. This resident of the Plaine also spoke about the daily life of a neighbor “who always took his dog and his children out” previously and who “doesn’t do it at all today”. I saw parents asking themselves a thousand questions about what had happened and the safety of their own childrenadded a childminder, while sharing the fears of some of the children for whom she was responsible.


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