Anthony Colette: the DALS dancer confides in the times “where he was able to slip” with his partners

At the microphone of the program The morning without filter on Virgin Radio, the dancer Anthony Colette confided in the times when he was able to slip “with his partners of Dancing with the stars. Explanation.

This Friday, October 14, Anthony Colette was not expected on the floor of Dancing with the stars. The 27-year-old artist from Avignon was indeed ousted from the show’s twelfth season a week ago, along with beauty queen Amandine Petit. An elimination that the former Miss France would not have digested. “I believe that Amandine, she is not happyhad entrusted Chris Marques in the after. You know Amandine, I completely understand that you’re not happy, it’s normal, but every week someone is eliminated.“At the microphone of Virgin Radio, the dancer returned one last time this week to the controversy surrounding a tense exchange with the candidate.We had a good time at the end of the show, in the sense that we had a good fight. Literally an hour later, we saw each other backstage, we were in the production office.“Half an hour later, Amandine Petit and Chris Marques were patching things up. End of story.

Anthony Colette also made a rare confidence yesterday at the microphone of Virgin Radio. The choreographer explained that he maintains an intimate link with DALS: “I have a girl, who works on the show by the way. It helps because she sees me at work, dancing.” And when Gillaume Genton asks him if his companion, the show’s make-up artist, “didn’t fart a cable“Seeing him on the arm of other partners, Anthony Colette certifies having reassured her each time, in particular by showing him training videos:”I tell him how it went, I tell him that everything is going well…“If she never had a single thing to say about DALS, the dancer, he confided to having “been able to ‘slip'” when he was single. “We know it” immediately retort the chroniclers of the show, who are not unaware of his stormy relationship with his former companion and partner in season 9 of DALS, Iris Mittenaere, elected Miss France and Universe 2016.

Why the relationship between Anthony Colette and Iris Mittenaere was complicated

Despite their complicity displayed on the DALS floor in 2018, Anthony Colette and Iris Mittenaere didn’t have a problem-free romance. “There were some violent thingshad entrusted the unfortunate candidate of season 12 to our colleagues from Audience. I am very discreet: even if it was flattering, this exhibition sometimes put me in the embarrassment.“Anthony Colette would have suffered to pass for ” miss universe guy“. He explained it in these terms: “I struggled with comparisons. It was swelling and it got me drunk.” A feeling of fed up that he also felt after the third week of competition four years ago: “You get up very early all the time, you dance all day, plus the interviews, the bonuses… and sometimes it blows up.“Even though they got along very well, Anthony Colette and Iris Mittenaere ended up separating,”because everyone has life goals that may not be compatible with those of the other…“. The two former lovebirds would nevertheless have remained on good terms.

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