Apex Legends: Conduit skills, must-have feature and changes to the Storm Zone, update on the Catching Season

It’s this Tuesday, October 31 that the new season ofApex Legends is out, baptized Catching Fire in French and Ignite in the language of Shakespeare. Unlike the previous one which proposed a rework of Revenantit introduces well an entirely new Legend, Drivenwhose origins we discovered through a History of the Wildlands which played on the nostalgia of fans of Titanfall. From his real name Rowenna Valentina Coffey Divinathe 27-year-old young woman shows us her abilities through the trailer for gameplay of this Season 19.

As we could guess, she is focused on support and her abilities are explained belowin addition to a description of its origins.

New Legend: Conduit

Defensive Healer

It is on her home planet Nexus, rebuilt after a devastating coup d’état, that Rowenna Valentina Coffey Divina chose to live with optimism without ever losing her smile. It was also on Nexus that the carcass of a fallen Monarch Titan became a symbol of the Legends’ spirit of sacrifice, even going so far as to inspire many of the heroic stories that Rowenna grew accustomed to telling. to his brothers and sisters. A true shield for her family against the brutality of reality, Rowenna’s unwavering sense of humor was a secret weapon in her quest to become a new Legend of the Apex Games.

When her older sister Diwa suffered a terrible tragedy, Rowenna decided to take her family’s destiny into her own hands. She infiltrated ancient battlefields with forbidden access to seize the Titan’s radioactive battery. She then constructed a combat exoskeleton to harness her deadly energy by taking part in local tournaments. Each new victory would help him support his loved ones and earn his Legend status, but at a heavy price…

The radioactive fumes from the battery were slowly killing her.

It no longer mattered to him. To achieve her dream, Rowenna was willing to pay a high price. Rowenna’s numerous combat successes led her planet Nexus, although unaligned with the rest of the Wildlands, to receive its very first invitation to the Apex Games. This much-desired invitation created strong tensions with Diwa, who was only too aware of the deadly nature of her sister’s armor. Rowenna had already made her choice.

As a fierce fighter and absolute fan of the Apex Games, but above all driven by the battery of the Titan Monarch and her desire to offer her family a better life, she would take part in the competition under the name Conduit.

Now, for Rowenna, an early death is inevitable, but for Conduit, it’s his time to shine.

Endowed with titanic optimism, Conduit is the new Legend of the Apex Games whose power should not be underestimated. Brimming with enthusiasm and good humor, she will quickly light up the battlefield.

  • Passive Ability: Quick Rescue – Gives Conduit a speed boost when she runs towards allies outside of her tactical ability range.
  • Tactical Ability: Radiant Transfer – Sends a wave of energy to its allies to generate temporary shields in case of danger.
  • Ultimate Ability: Energy Barricade – Deploys shield jammers that damage and slow enemies.

But that’s not all, because there Thunderstorm area has undergone changeswhich are fully detailed on the next page, and progression cross-platform was implementedallowing you to have fun on different devices without worry.

Energized storm zone

Fight on a faster and more dangerous version of the Storm Zone and explore new points of interest like Wattson’s Pylon or ZEUS Station.

Launch of cross-platform progression

To ensure players have the same experience and have the same cosmetic items regardless of their gaming platform, accounts from all platforms will be merged into a single account. More details on cross-platform progression are available here.

THE Battle Pass of the Flaming Season was also entitled to its trailerwhich includes the following bonus content:

  • Legendary Cunning Sovereign skin for Rampart;
  • Legendary Golden Age weapon skin for the Nemesis;
  • Divine Speed ​​Skin for Octane (level 50);
  • Epic skins for Conduit, Wattson and Newcastle;
  • New freefall emotes;
  • New stickers, banner images, emotes, weapon charms, and more ;
  • Reactive skins Odin’s Grace and Fenrir’s Fury for Rampage (levels 100 and 110).

To start the season off right, you can get some Apex Parts on Amazon. THE patch notes can be consulted on the official website.

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