APICIL AM obtains the SRI label for its two Responsible Yield Strategy and Roche-Brune Euro PME Responsables funds

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(Boursier.com) — APICIL Asset Management obtains the SRI label for its two funds, Stratégie Rendement Responsable and Roche-Brune Euro PME Responsables. The award of the “Socially Responsible Investment” (SRI) label was granted to the two funds, for a period of three years, following a certification process led by EY France.

For more than 80 years, the APICIL Group has had CSR in its DNA. This approach aims to minimize the negative impacts of its activity and maximize its positive impacts on the three pillars of sustainable development. The group is recognized as a committed and responsible company in the long term thanks to the various actions carried out within the HR policy, the fight against vulnerability but also the investments in social innovation and the deep desire to change the way people look at disability.

Created in 1987, APICIL Asset Management, the asset management subsidiary of the APICIL Group, currently manages more than 10 billion euros. While its clientele came overwhelmingly from the third social protection group, the company decided at the start of 2020 to open up to external marketing. This decision is in line with the acquisition of Roche-Brune Asset Management, which enabled APICIL Asset Management not only to extend its range of expertise (active management, SRI) but also to diversify its clients by developing with institutional investors and external distributors.

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