“Apple acted in good faith” for the return of Fortnite to iPhone

Fortnite will return to the iPhone in Europe and the boss of Epic Games, publisher of the game, admits that Apple acted in good faith on at least one subject by not blocking the creation of a developer account.

Fortnite on an Android smartphone // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

We know it, Fortnite will return to iPhone in 2024, in Europe. We do not yet know when exactly, but developer Epic Games can be optimistic since an important step has indeed been reached. In messages published on Twitter/X, the studio and its boss Tim Sweeney welcomed the validation, by Apple, of a developer account for their Swedish subsidiary.

Salute Apple’s good faith

Dev account assured, let’s go! », writes the studio, promising to offer “more opportunities for developers across all platforms and we’re very excited about what’s to come…. including the opening of the Epic Games Store on iOS in Europe“.

Source : Epic Games Newsroom on Twitter/X

For his part, Tim Sweeney, despite the harsh criticism he regularly addresses to the Cupertino company, says he is ready “to recognize that Apple acted in good faith in the midst of our cataclysmic antitrust battle“. And remember that this decision is part of the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Source : Tim Sweeney on Twitter/X

It is indeed necessary to remember that Epic Games and its flagship gameFortnitehad been banned from the App Store for breaking its rules by trying to circumvent Apple’s payment system. A long media and legal battle followed. Despite some victories to its credit, the studio had not succeeded in ensuring that iOS opened with a challenge to Apple’s control.

Epic Games will benefit from the DMA

However, in Europe, the DMA, the new legislative framework aimed at combating abuse of dominant position by Tech giants, forced Apple to shake up the iPhone. The App Store will no longer be the only app store allowed on iOS and Apple Pay is no longer the only payment system allowed. On paper, this is therefore a boon for video game players who will be able to offer their own alternative stores, like what is emerging for the Epic Games Store, and avoid paying commissions. Apple.

The Apple brand, however, took the opportunity to introduce a new tax, the Core Technology Fee, which discourages large developers of mobile applications and games from leaving the fold of the App Store. An initiative highly criticized by several companies, including obviously Epic Games.

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We therefore imagine that Tim Sweeney did not really enjoy writing his message on the “sincerity» from Apple. However, this is undoubtedly a way for him to make his audience understand that creating an iOS developer account really represents an important step in their eyes.

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