Apple hit by ransomware attack

A group of hackers dubbed REvil have found a loophole in the computer network of Taiwanese assembler Quanta, one Asian companies with which Apple works for the manufacture of its computers.

At least that is what this Russian network announces which, according to his words, would have stolen documents from the American brand, including assembly plans for MacBook and iMac. Several credible diagrams were posted on the hacker site on April 20.

According to American media The Record, REvil threatens to release other sensitive information if Apple does not pay a ransom of $ 50 million (approximately 41.5 million euros) by 1er may. This group of hackers is not at its first attempt since, in recent weeks, it has announced that it is behind an attack. orchestrated against computer manufacturers Acer, as well as an attack on the Pierre Fabre pharmaceutical group.

Quanta has confirmed that it suffered a computer attack in a statement to the Bloomberg news agency. According to the assembler, the pirates would only have penetrated“A small number of servers” and would not have crippled its production lines. The company said it was working to improve the security of its networks.

Sensitive documents

On documents published by REvil and to which The world has had access to the MacBook plans commercially available since 2020. These plans, however, are accompanied byassembly instructions extremely precise and detailed.

But REvil also unveils plans for a new generation of iMac desktops, announced the same day, and three weeks ahead of their in-store release, slated for mid-May. These documents also include plans for a future MacBook, which, according to the American technological media The Verge, would appear to have a different design than the current model.

As for the documents that have not been disclosed, Quanta and Apple are the only ones who know exactly what they contain. If plans for particularly radical new models were released, the damage could prove to be significant for Apple.