Apple Watch Series 7: The new Smartwatch from Cupertino in the test

Apple Watch Series 7
The new Smartwatch from Cupertino in the test

In the test was an Apple Watch Series 7 with 45 mm aluminum case in the color midnight with a leather strap in black green.

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The Apple Watch Series 7 has been in stores since last Friday. spot on news has already tested the new device. Is it worth buying?

Since last Friday, October 15th, it has finally been available: the 7th generation Apple Watch. The smartwatch from the tech company from Cupertino, California, was announced and presented at the annual keynote in September, but has only now found its way into Apple stores around the world. The news agency spot on news had the opportunity to test the Apple Watch Series 7.

One thing can be confidently revealed up front: Apple has not reinvented the smartwatch wheel. Minor changes have been made this year to make a well-engineered product even more practical. After unpacking, it is noticeable that the design has only changed marginally. Apple relies on a more rounded and slightly flatter display that is more delicate than the previous model. These small design adjustments are unlikely to be noticed by a lay eye.

Significantly stronger display

When you start the watch, the new display shines much more pleasantly and colorfully than any Apple Watch before. The visible area of ​​the display has grown: The display has grown by one millimeter (depending on the size of the watch now 41 or 45 mm), and the edges have shrunk in return. What initially sounds like a minimal change turned out to be quite useful in the test: For example, text messages are displayed much more pleasantly. The entire representation looks less miniature than before, but more eye-friendly.

More robust glass

Not only has the size of the display been adjusted, but its robustness has also been increased. For example, Apple built a 50 percent thicker glass to better avoid impact damage. The watch is thus even better protected against breakage, and the transparency is not impaired as a result. The Apple Watch Series 7 is also better protected from dust than before, making it more resilient in sandy environments.

New on-screen keyboard

If you want to write an email with your Apple Watch Series 7, you can now use a full QWERTY keyboard. The letter fields remain small, but with a little practice this worked quite well after a few minutes in the test. Certainly not a complete replacement for smartphones, tablets and the like, but a useful additional option. Attention: A German QWERTY keyboard does not yet exist. You have to set the language & region to United States in order (so far) to enjoy the new feature.

Fast charging performance, equally powerful battery

In terms of loading speed, Apple made a significant leap forward. With the supplied cable, the smartwatch could be fully charged in around an hour, and 80 percent was reached in 45 minutes. Nothing has changed in terms of battery performance: You can still get through the day wonderfully if you use it in normal everyday life. The manufacturer’s specifications of 18 hours of battery life (identical to the previous model) could almost be achieved in the test.

The Apple Watch is available in these variants

The Apple Watch Series 7 is available with an aluminum case from 429 euros. If you want a stainless steel case, you have to pay at least 729 euros. For those who need titanium, at least 829 euros are poorer after the purchase. Apple continues to rely on different colors and almost countless bracelets in various variations, according to which everyone can design their Apple Watch individually. Each watch is available with either a 41 mm case or a 45 mm case.


If you own an Apple Watch Series 6, you can confidently do without a Series 7. The innovations, which can mainly be found in the slightly larger and better display, are too marginal. New sensors or a revised technical inner workings: Nothing. Nevertheless: The Apple Watch is and remains a rock-solid, visually extremely appealing smartwatch that will be of great interest to every iPhone user: as a practical extension of the smartphone on the wrist.


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