Apple will transform locked iPhones with iOS 17, like on Android

iOS 17, the future version of the iPhone operating system should be presented by Apple at the WWDC conference on June 5. One of the big news would be the integration of a brand new screen saver, transforming the display of iPhones when not in use, to make them much more useful. But other novelties are also planned.

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Apple’s June 2023 WWDC is just around the corner. It was during the inaugural conference that the Apple brand should unveil the outlines of iOS 17 (code name Dawn), the new version of the operating system that runs the iPhone. The American media Bloomberg always well informed believes to know some of the novelties that will be presented by Apple. And one of these should totally change the interface of iPhones when they are on standby. Better, sleep mode would become much more usefulcopying some features already present on Android.

iOS 17: the metamorphosis of Always on

Since iOS 16, iPhone 14s have the feature always on (Always on in French) allowing the screen to remain on, even when the smartphone is in standby. The advantage: being able to display the time, but also various information, thanks to the widgets integrated since iOS 16.2. It seems that Apple wants to go further, by transforming this screen saver. The idea: make it much more convenient for the user.

iPhone 14 Pro and its Always On mode // Source: The Verge

The American media indicates, for example, the display of the weather, upcoming appointments or even notifications, in the style of assistants like the Google Nest Hub. The goal is to display much more information than at present, and including all data from Apple applications. And above all, to display them in a more visually convenient way than on iOS 16.

specify that this idea is not revolutionary in the smartphone industry, since this is what Google has been offering with Android and the various manufacturers for several years. But it took until 2022 for the always-on screen technology to arrive at Apple. iOS 17 could however reshuffle the cards, thanks to the deep integration of the software and hardware part at Apple. The Californian giant could offer us a solution a bit more advanced than the competition.

iPad OS 17 and other new features

American journalist Mark Gurman also predicts a redesign of iPad OS, with the arrival of a similar screen saver. But it seems that it is not yet at the level of that of iOS. He specifies in this regard that the iOS 16 screen saver is still not available on iPad OS 16.

Other new features would also be planned for iOS 17, such as an update to the Wallet application (Maps), an improvement in its location service, a new journaling and the probable arrival of the Health application on iPad.

Google Nest Hub
Google Nest Hub

Uncertainty rests around a new product that Apple could launch. It would bea low-cost tablet, serving only as a link with Apple’s connected home universe. It could take the form of a small tablet to hang on the wall to adjust connected lamps, thermostats or make FaceTime calls, for example. But this product remains totally in the state of rumor.

See you on June 5 on Frandroid to discover all the new Apple products from WWDC. We should also see the famous mixed reality headset from Apple.

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