Apple would prepare a brand new “Mac Studio”, in addition to Mac mini and Mac Pro

Apple is about to draw a brand new “Mac Studio” to complete its offer. This model would take up the concept of the Mac mini, but with more efficient components.

The Apple Mac Mini under M1 processor, for illustration

The Apple Mac Mini under M1 processor, for illustration // Source: Unsplash

Apple has no intention of twiddling its thumbs in 2022. While the firm is gradually finalizing the complete renewal of its various Macs, now (almost) all equipped with Apple M1 chips, we learn from 9to5Mac that the firm would reserve for us a surprise: a brand new model that would respond to the name of “Mac Studio”. Designated internally by the reference “J375”, the device would be a kind of “Mac mini Pro”, taking up more or less the same concept, but with much more efficient components.

Still under development, this new product would be available in two versions: the first equipped with the M1 Max chip (the same as on the latest MacBook Pro), the second armed with a new Apple Silicon processor, even more powerful than the M1 Max.

A new Mac to fill the “gap” between Mac mini and Mac Pro

As 9to5Mac points out, nothing allows us to affirm that this new model will bear the name “Mac Studio”, but its objective would be to make a connection between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro in the offer of Apple. The idea would also be to target professionals while offering a desktop computer that goes hand in hand with the new “Apple Display” monitor expected in March.

This product also echoes information shared earlier this year by journalist Mark Gurman. The interested party sensed the imminent arrival of a “smaller Mac Pro” at Apple. A product equipped according to him with an Apple Silicon chip comprising 40 CPU cores and 128 GPU cores. For 9to5Mac, this product mentioned by Mark Gurman would be the “Mac Studio”, which would take over from the high-end Mac mini, still equipped with an Intel processor… and still in Apple’s catalog.

We finally learn that the launch of this new “Mac Studio” would also allow Apple to give its customers something to chew on while waiting for the arrival of the new Mac Pro, equipped with an Apple Silicon chip. It remains to be seen when this “Mac Studio” would come to us. We know that Apple will hold a conference on March 8, but according to 9to5Mac, the presentation of this new product will take place at WWDC 2022, next June. We will soon have the heart net.

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