Arabella Kiesbauer: “Arabellas Crime Time” starts in September

Arabella Kiesbauer
“Arabellas Crime Time” starts in September

Arabella Kiesbauer presents two true crime formats.

© Jens Hartmann / Discovery

Presenter Arabella Kiesbauer will return to German TV in the coming week with a new format.

The TV presenter Arabella Kiesbauer (52) celebrates a double TV comeback in Germany on TLC. According to a statement from the broadcaster, she will be shown in “Arabellas Crime Time – Crime in Sight” from September 22nd. Kiesbauer, who is allegedly a big fan of the true crime format herself, is supposed to link original recordings and witness reports and classify the events.

“Crime in the sights” is all about cases “that have gone viral”. A total of 20 episodes are shown on TLC every Wednesday as a double episode from 10:15 p.m. “Nothing escapes our eyes,” says Kiesbauer in a trailer.

Kiesbauer thinks this is “incredibly gripping”

Another program with Kiesbauer is planned to start in December. This is also about true crime cases. “Arabellas Crime Time – Chaos in front of the court” is supposed to deal with “the sometimes hair-raising incidents in American courtrooms”. On the one hand, material from the various negotiations will be shown, on the other hand witnesses, relatives and defense lawyers will have their say.

“I have always enjoyed dealing with people and their different facets,” said Kiesbauer in a press release in June. “I find the subject of true crime particularly exciting: to fathom the motifs and the human stories behind them is incredibly gripping!”