Arabella Kiesbauer: New “Crime Time” Queen herself was already in jail

Arabella Kiesbauer
New “Crime Time” Queen herself was already in jail

Arabella Kiesbauer will be presenting real criminal cases on German television from September 22nd.

© TLC / Jens Hartmann

From September, Arabella Kiesbauer will present “Arabellas Crime Time – Crime in Sight”. In an interview, she explains her fascination with crime.

From September 22nd, talk show legend Arabella Kiesbauer (52) can be seen again on German television. This time it’s not about guests discussing their problems in public, but about criminal cases. With “Arabellas Crime Time – Crime in Sight” (every Wednesday at 10:15 pm on TLC), the 52-year-old moderates a format in which original recordings and witness reports of true crimes are shown and classified by Kiesbauer.

“For example, a defendant jumped out of the courtroom window in front of the judge …”, reports the moderator. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, she reveals where her fascination for criminal cases comes from, which crime podcasts she recommends and what she thinks when she sees old “Arabella” episodes.

From September 22nd, you will moderate the first of your two new crime formats. What can viewers expect from the shows?

Arabella Kiesbauer: The audience can expect compelling stories of true crimes with the original recordings from the surveillance cameras and further background research with forensic experts, profilers, witnesses and the police.

Which cases from the two programs do you particularly remember?

Kiesbauer: I was particularly surprised by the hair-raising incidents in court. For example, a defendant jumped out of the courtroom window in front of the judge and fled to escape justice.

Are you interested in crime shows yourself? Do you have favorites or recommendations?

Kiesbauer: I’m a big fan of American true crime podcasts and love “Serial”, “Root of Evil”, “Dirty John”, “Dr. Death”, “The Shrink Next Door”, “Suspect”, “The Mysterious” Mr. Epstein “.

True crime podcasts and shows are particularly popular with women. What do you think is fascinating about such topics?

Kiesbauer: From the supposed security of your own four walls, one dares to follow a crime up close, either as a podcast or a television broadcast. You can indulge in the thrill and excitement without prejudice to this.

Are your children also allowed to watch true crime formats?

Kiesbauer: No, they are only 10 and 13 years old. But you watch the Austrian casting show “Starmania” with passion, which I also host. They cheer for the young singers and keep their fingers crossed for their favorites from week to week.

Have you already come into conflict with the law yourself?

Kiesbauer: Very well, from running over a red traffic light to a night in prison – there was a lot involved.

In Austria you host shows like “The Masked Singer” or “Bauer sucht Frau”. Are there any differences to the German TV landscape?

Kiesbauer: In principle not, but with the individual formats it does. Every country has its peculiarities and its characteristic charm.

With the crime formats, you are starting a small TV comeback in Germany. Could you also envision a talk show comeback or do you think that era is over?

Kiesbauer: The afternoon talk has been replaced by the internet and social media, where the community can meet in a virtual space and exchange ideas or information on all kinds of topics. I myself have left the talk show era behind and enjoy working on my numerous other programs.

In recent years, old shows and artists from the 2000s or 1990s have made a comeback. Do people want the old days back?

Kiesbauer: Looking back is like a soft focus. You feel transported back to your youth and remember the beautiful sides. In this respect, the boom is understandable.

When you watch old “Arabella” episodes, what thoughts are in your head?

Kiesbauer: I smile and also think of the good old days. However, fully aware that not everything was always so good. (laughs) In fact, the pictures are in the head. I live in the here and now and don’t watch old programs.


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