Arctis Nova Pro Wireless and Arctis Nova Pro: Steelseries’ new headsets show the muscles


Without warning, the Danes of Steelseries are unveiling two new models of gaming headsets: a wired one with an external sound card, the Arctis Nova Pro, and a wireless one packed with all kinds of features, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless.

The manufacturer of gaming peripherals Steelseries has just announced the release of two new high-end headsets for demanding gamers who want high-end sound quality, excellent comfort and extreme versatility: the Arctis Nova Pro and the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless. Wireless version, the latter embeds a multitude of features, each more useful than the other.

To begin with, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is accompanied by an external sound card (very similar to the GameDAC also sold by SteelSeries) which allows two sources to be connected to the headset by wired connection. Indeed, at the back of this small accessory are two USB-C ports as well as a mini-jack input and output allowing you to connect up to two platforms (PS5, PS4, PC, Switch) and to juggle from one to the other very easily (the sound card of the Xbox version of the headset is differentiated by a USB-C connector compatible with Microsoft consoles). The sound card is then responsible for sending and receiving audio streams wirelessly using SteelSeries’ proprietary “Quantum 2.0 Wireless” communication protocol. It is also equipped with a screen and a wheel to control various parameters on the fly such as equalization, volume or game/chat balance.

In addition to multiple wireless connection options, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless has a mini-jack input for wired use. © SteelSeries

But the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless doesn’t stop there. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to be connected to any compatible device, including smartphones/tablets. The headphones can therefore be used both at home and on the go. In order to further the nomadic aspect of the headset, SteelSeries has equipped the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless with an active noise reduction system based on four integrated microphones as well as a listening mode for surrounding sounds. The ClearCast Gen2 gooseneck microphone can be retracted inside the left ear cup and remain functional for on-the-go use in complete discretion. Moreover, SteelSeries is full of praise for the latter’s capture quality: it boasts a noise reduction algorithm that can reduce spurious sounds by 25 dB, but also identify keyboard typing noises and keyboard clicks. Mouse to make them disappear.

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© SteelSeries

SteelSeries also highlights the extreme comfort that the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless should provide with its leatherette pads and multiple adjustment points: rotating, swiveling and height-adjustable ear cups, height-adjustable flexible headband. Who says wireless headphones says battery: on this point, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless retains the great particularity of its predecessors by offering a two-battery system for theoretically infinite autonomy. Once the first battery is flat, simply remove it, then install the second in its place and put the first on charge. Each battery would offer a range of 22 hours or 18 hours with Bluetooth activated. Finally, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless can be managed through SteelSeries’ new in-house software suite called Sonar. For the moment reserved for platforms under Windows 10 and 11, the application gives access to multiple parameters, including a very complete equalizer and various settings allowing in particular to adjust the 360° spatial audio system proprietary to the Danish brand.

The Arctis Nova Pro Wireless and the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (Xbox) are already available for €379.99.

Alongside this Arctis Nova Pro Wireless, SteelSeries announced the Arctis Nova Pro, which is none other than the wired version of the first headset. The Arctis Nova Pro is thus very close to its wireless brother with which it shares the same design, the same acoustic architecture (40 mm loudspeaker with frequency response ranging from 10 Hz to 40 kHz) and the same microphone . However, it differs in the absence of some features such as active noise reduction, Bluetooth connectivity and, of course, the dual battery system.

© SteelSeries

The sound card that accompanies it is also significantly different, since it can operate up to 96 kHz / 24 bits and incorporates an additional mini-jack connection on the side for connecting headphones. The Arctis Nova Pro and Arctis Nova Pro (Xbox) are available now for €279.99.

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