Armie Hammer: The actor accused of rape spotted in the Cayman Islands, he found work!

A simple visit from an “acquaintance”?

A snapshot that would have been immortalized on June 29, a few days after the former star of American cinema was seen “near the places” and “dressed in a vendor uniform“. But according to his spokesperson, he was only doing “visit an acquaintance…staff member“. However, a local resident claimed to have seen the actor, who had found love, pass “several hours a day“in this office, allowing oneself”several cigarette breaks” during the day.

“Armie Hammer lives in Grand Cayman. A member of my staff plays golf with him, and he just came to spend a day with him to find out what we do”, defended Christopher Butcher, sales manager of the Morritt. Lawyer Andrew Brettler also denied this information in the columns of varietywhile a viral tweet in which we could see an Armie Hammer flyer converted into a janitor had already ignited the web.

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