Arnold Schwarzenegger: Actor welcomes new family member

Animal growth in Arnold Schwarzenegger's house. From now on, dog Dutch donkey Lulu and dwarf pony whiskey company.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's family (72) has a four-legged friend. The actor and former governor of California introduced the new member on Instagram: Hund Dutch. "He is 10 months old," said Schwarzenegger of a photo that shows him lying on a meadow with Dutch. The striking thing: for his young age, the dog is already quite tall and, according to the 72-year-old, should already weigh 103 pounds, i.e. about 50 kilograms.

How Schwarzenegger got the name Dutch? He named the four-legged friend after his figure in the 1987 sci-fi film "Predator". The new family member does not seem to be as brave as Major "Dutch" Schaefer. He was "a little afraid of Lulu", Schwarzenegger's one-year-old donkey. "But they'll be best friends soon," the animal-loving Hollywood star is confident. In addition to Donkey Lulu, he also owns miniature pony whiskey, which are all free to move around the house.