“around ten grafts all over the body”, the father gives a chilling testimony

In May 2018, a 7-year-old girl suffered 80% burns during the Molotov cocktail attack on the grocery store run by her parents, in Pringy (Seine-et-Marne), where she was. The trial of the attackers has just begun, 6 years later. The opportunity for the girl’s father to testify.

Anaïs and her family will always remember the night of May 4 to 5, 2018. At the end of the evening, around 12:50 a.m., the grocery store run by the father, located in Pringy (Seine-et-Marne), avenue de Fontainebleau, on the ex-N7, was violently attacked by two hooded men. The latter threw two Molotov cocktails towards the counter of this Proxi supermarket, still open at that time, hitting Anaïs, then aged 7, who was sleeping there, as well as her father, Jean-Paul, who was injured while trying to help her daughter, reported The Parisian at the time.

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Hit head-on by the flaming gasoline, the young girl came close to death. Engulfed in flames, she was seriously burned (80%, according to our colleagues) on her face and upper limbs. Emergencyly transferred to the intensive care unit for burnt children at the Armand-Trousseau pediatric hospital in Paris (12th arrondissement), she was placed in a deep artificial coma for eight months in order to better cope with the care and pain. . A long period during which his condition remained critical and his vital prognosis was threatened several times.

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“A granny… 13 years old”

Nearly 6 years after the tragedy, the trial of the alleged attackers begins this Monday, March 25, and is expected to last a week. The opportunity for the father of Anaïs, now 13 years old, to express himself.She has undergone more than a dozen transplants all over her body. In fact, only his feet were untouched by the fire. But she can’t run. She works but not for too long.”he says sadly.

“She lost the sight in one eye and, with the other, can see one meter, no more. Her fingers are like wood, she can’t bend them. To grasp objects, she makes a pincer movement with her index and middle fingers. In the morning, when she gets up, she has to stretch, like a 13-year-old grandma.”continues the merchant, who has since left Prigny and sold his grocery store.

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Operations, hormone injections, physiotherapy… Anaïs’s heavy daily life

Anaïs endured operations after operations until 2022. Until “his body no longer accepts a transplant”specified Jean-Paul. “So from 2022 and until 2025, she receives growth hormone injections once a day. As well as high-calorie products for weight gain because she has little appetite”he added, also indicating that Anaïs had been going to the physiotherapist twice a week since leaving the hospital in April 2019.

Today, according to him, the family “survives”. This dad, who has two other daughters aged 9 and 16, does not fail to recall his pride in Anaïs. “She is full of good will, she adapts”, he assures. Because beyond the physical injuries, the adolescent is the victim of judgment and gaze “wicked” And “hard” other children at school. “Her mentality and her attitude have changed: she is more mature, she is a different girl”he notes, before claiming to have “the rising stress and rage” because of the trial.

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The motive: revenge?

From this Monday, March 25, three men appear for “degrading the property of others by a means dangerous to people causing permanent disability and for complicity”. One of them is presented as being the instigator of this arson, while the other two were identified thanks to traces of DNA found on site. They would be Adam B. and Mouamadou D.

The three individuals were arrested in April 2019 and then placed in pre-trial detention. Only the alleged mastermind is still behind bars currently, but for “another cause”. Their motive still remains a mystery. One of the avenues favored by the police officers in charge of the investigation, from the Versailles criminal brigade, would be that of revenge orchestrated by a competing merchant after potential “customer theft”.

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