Arthur and Mareva Galanter: Their adorable daughter Manava unleashed on rock, the proud host!

Her father, who we see filming, enjoys the spectacle of his youngest daughter, surely a little moved that she is growing up so quickly… and amused by her uninhibited show! The youngest of the family, Manava has nothing to envy her older brothers Samuel (25) and Aaron (13) in terms of energy: if this week, the little dance on a terrace, last week, she was swimming right in the middle of the sharks!

On vacation in Tahiti, on her mother’s island, she hadn’t hesitated to jump into the water to swim in the middle of the fish, in reality totally harmless but very impressive. Resourceful, she always impresses Internet users, taken aback to see how quickly she grows up, she who we see from time to time on her father’s Instagram account, who is still careful to protect her well. .

A family vacation for Arthur, therefore, who deserves this little break after a year full of new shows on television. And which teems with new projects: besides Visual Suspectone of his new games which is a hit during the summer, he should also develop a concept with James Corden, the very popular animator of the carpool karaoke, England and the USA. Hoping to see it come to us one day!

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