“As good as invisible”: civilian drones are supposed to help Ukrainians

“As Good As Invisible”
Civilian drones are said to help Ukrainians

Aerial photos have shown the extent of destruction in Ukrainian cities since the beginning of the war. Civilian drones are intended to help the Ukrainian population document wartime events and possible crimes. A Polish manufacturer is starting a fundraiser for the high-tech devices.

A Polish drone manufacturer has launched a collection of civilian drones to help the people of Ukraine. The camera-equipped drones could help besieged civilians in a variety of ways, said Spartaqs co-owner Slawomir Huczala. They could be used to check whether it was safe to leave the shelters, they could locate victims of bombing raids and “document destruction and war crimes.”

Devices donated by their private owners would be refurbished by Spartaqs technicians, fitted with new batteries and made anonymous, their navigation lights would be turned off and they would be virtually invisible, Huczala added in his video published on the online networks. Some models even have an infrared camera with night vision mode.

According to the company, as part of the “Drones for the East” campaign, 26 of the civilian aircraft with technical instructions in Ukrainian have already been handed over to the Ukrainian authorities at the border. The Czech distributor of Spartaqs products therefore joined the campaign and the fundraiser was thus extended to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Huczala also called on drone owners to do soto send the devices or individual parts to the company. A postal company is also involved in the campaign, so that no shipping costs would arise.

Images from satellites, military and civilian drones had illustrated the extent of destruction in Ukrainian cities since the war began. In the big cities, residents are required to take shelter in air raid shelters.

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