Ashton Kutcher victim of a terrible disease: unable to walk for 1 year, he confides belatedly

At 44, the popular actor Ashton Kutcher (My uncle Charlie, That ’70s Show, toy boy…) is a survivor. While he faced harsh survival conditions in the wild, in Costa Rica, for the needs of the show Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge, the American comedian especially touched viewers with his late revelations about his past state of health. He was close to death.

On August 8, 2022, the general public was able to discover during the broadcast of the program on National Geographic that Ashton Kutcher is coming back from afar. “Two years ago I had this strange and very rare form of vascularity, which impaired my vision, my hearing, my whole balance.“, thus confided the actor, while he impressed the host with his strength and his determination. This autoimmune disease affects the walls of the blood vessels and caused serious problems for the husband of the actress Mila Kunis… “I didn’t know if I could ever see again, I didn’t know if I could ever hear again, I didn’t know if I could ever walk again“, he added.

And for good reason: in the worst case it can cause necrosis of the various organs. Ashton Kutcher was close to death but, fortunately, he escaped. However, it took him almost a year to “rebuild every sense“! A hard test of life that makes the actor and father of two appreciate even more today to be on Earth, with his family. “You don’t really appreciate them, until they’re lost“, admitted the actor, obviously delighted to have regained his senses. He said to himself “lucky to be alive“.

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