Assault on a RATP bus driver in Paris: the motorist in question will be tried soon

Injured, the driver was taken care of by the firefighters and hospitalized at the Salpêtrière. He will file a complaint.

A RATP bus driver was the victim of a violent attack by a motorist in the 12th arrondissement of Paris on Thursday January 20 in the middle of the afternoon, we learned this Friday from the RATP and the Paris prosecutor’s office, which opened a flagrant investigation of the heads of “violence on a person charged with a public service mission”, “damage to public property” and “threats”. A long video of the scene was also posted on social networks.

The facts occurred around 4:30 p.m. at the Bastille stop. On the video, we can see the motorist, unleashed, punching the driver’s window. It is also broken in several places. He threatens him, insults him. “I will fuck you your mother (sic)”, we hear in particular. A woman tries several times to reason with him but he does not take off.

The man, whom the young woman calls Sofiane, ends up entering the bus line 91 and physically attacks the driver who is trying somehow to protect himself. Curled up in his seat, the RATP agent received several slaps and punches in the face, under the dumbfounded gaze of several pedestrians and users.

The video ends with the intervention of agents from the network protection and security group (GPSR). If we do not know at this stage the exact circumstances of this surge of violence, the RATP mentions “a disagreementbetween the two protagonists. Injured and shocked, the driver was taken care of by the firefighters and his management, then hospitalized at the Salpêtrière. The assailant was arrested and taken into custody. The 26-year-old was released on Friday after submitting to an appearance procedure on prior admission of guilt. He will be summoned to court soon for trial. The prosecution also specifies that it did not retain the head of “threats”.

The RATP indicates to show itself “in solidarity with his shocked agent and his colleagues and condemns in the strongest terms this unacceptable act of violence“. It also announces to accompany and support the agent in all his steps, including the filing of a complaint.

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