At the head of the state, the revenge of the engineers

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SURVEY. After the abolition of the ENA and faced with environmental and energy challenges, engineers (re)take power.

By Romain Gubert

Before Élisabeth Borne, the last engineer to hold a position at the top of the state was Valéry Giscard d’Estaing… who was also an Enarque.

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ELisabeth Borne wouldn’t have skipped the “evening of the alumni” for anything in the world. This evening of mid-November, in a crowded amphitheater, she forgets her breakfast with the parliamentarians of the majority, the questions to the government in the Assembly, the visit to Matignon of two of her ministers who have come to seek her arbitration. She jokes with Anne Duthilleul-Chopinet (major of entrance to X in the first promotion open to women in 1972), discusses with creators of start-ups and large companies, like her all graduates of Polytechnique, and encourages young women who have just entered it to prepare themselves to take on the highest responsibilities.

That evening, far from what she endures daily in the National Assembly, she even enjoys a standing ovation from p…

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