At the regional court – domestic violence: two acquittals in litigation

Both men pleaded not guilty in their trials. In the first trial, a 32-year-old from Salzburg who had nine previous convictions for aggression offenses was on trial for dangerous threats, coercion and bodily harm. He is said to have threatened the mother of his two children – he and the wife were no longer a couple at the time of the incidents – with killing several times in February and March of this year, for example if the ex should find a new husband. Or: it will soon be underground anyway. He would be happy if he never saw her again.

Particularly explosive: One of the threats came on the very day the man was sentenced to a conditional prison term for another incident. The coarse worker had threatened his ex-girlfriend to crack her skull. The argument resumed just hours after he left the courtroom. “I wanted to know why she always calls the police,” he said in court and denied the current allegations.

It is also incorrect that he should have punched the woman several times in the face. She inflicted the injuries on herself, said the man’s public defender. “We made up again. We understand each other. That fits, ”said the defendant tersely.

The woman withdrew her statements from the executive branch in court today. “I know what you said to the police,” said the judge. “But I am not allowed to use it now.” If there is no incriminating evidence, an acquittal should be made. The judgment is not final.

In a second trial, a 34-year-old Serb living in Salzburg was on trial on Monday. He is said to have strangled, beaten and pressed against the wall his wife in an argument in February 2021. According to the criminal complaint, the victim suffered scratch marks and bruises. The man’s criminal record has nine entries, six of which are relevant. The accused and the wife are married and have one child, but he and his new partner are expecting children in the summer.

His defense attorney spoke today of a “considerable relationship dynamic.” “There is jealousy involved, it is about the custody of the son.” The nervous costume of the woman is also not the very best. The defendant will therefore not comment on the allegations. “In the act there are photographs that show that there are injuries,” explained the judge. “Without a statement, however, it is not possible to tell where they come from.” He too was acquitted, the verdict is final.

The two proceedings were only two of six that take place this week from Monday to Wednesday due to cases of domestic violence against current or former partners at the Salzburg Regional Court. After the violent death of two women in Wals-Siezenheim (Flachgau) last week, media interest in the trials was high today.