Atomic Heart: Mick Gordon donates his entire fee to Ukraine

You’ve already heard his signature style, forged in the flames of Killer Instinct and DOOM, in the trailers forAtomic Heart. ultra-heavy guitars, mastering brutal electronics, deliciously torn 60’s synths, with a pinch of pop lightness to stick to this new saucy universe… Mick Gordon’s scores make the Soviet FPS-RPG shine. Conversely, it is now the Mundfish project that serves as its spokesperson. A short week before the game’s release, he announced his support for the victims of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on Twitter.

I am proud to donate my money to the Australian Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal fund in order to support the Ukrainian people, who are fighting heroically against their aggressor. […] By supporting the Red Cross, I know that this donation will help those in need, and it is a great honor for me to use my work to support the victims of the conflict.

The Atomic Heart on the hand

Mick Gordon is careful to note that the invasion “is not a decision of the Russian people“, placing the blame entirely on “an authoritarian regime that mocks human dignity and rights“. The statement was rather well received on Twitter, although it also revives the debate aroundAtomic Heart. Ethical production? Pro-Russian FPS accomplice of the current regime? Gray area?

Be that as it may, Mick Gordon remains in solidarity with the Mundfish team, whom he frankly praises and clears of various accusations. “Working with Mundfish is a real pleasure, because artistic freedom and imagination are their key values, which shines through in their abundant universe and their amazing artistic direction. I can’t wait to hear my musical contributions come to life when Atomic Heart is released later this month.

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