Attack in a university amphitheater kills one in Germany

A person was killed in Heidelberg, Germany, in an attack at a university. The assailant, who was 18, committed suicide.

An attack in the amphitheater of a university in Heidelberg, Germany, left one dead and several injured. The police announced on Twitter that the author, who acted alone, attacked several people with a “long gun”. Aged 18 and also a student, he committed suicide. Investigators said he had no political or religious motives. He reportedly took several rifles with him.

The victim is a young woman, who died in hospital as a result of her gunshot wound. According to Mannheim police spokesman Stefan Wilhelm, the man entered with a “long gun”, in an amphitheater on the Neuenheimer Feld campus where a class was being given and opened fire ” around him “, obviously without a particular target, he told AFP.

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