Attack in Moscow: what we know about the shooting in a concert hall, claimed by the Islamic State

Scary scene in the Crocus City Hall complex in Moscow. This concert hall in the Russian capital was the scene of a shooting this Friday evening. The building then burst into flames. The FSB reports at least 40 deaths, according to a provisional report, while Russian diplomacy denounces a “bloody terrorist attack”.

The main information :

  • Shooting broke out at Moscow concert hall
  • At least 40 deaths to be deplored according to the FSB
  • Russian diplomacy denounced a “bloody terrorist attack”
  • Ukraine “had nothing to do” with the shooting, assures kyiv
  • Russian police announce they are looking for the attackers
  • Islamic State group claims responsibility for concert hall attack near Moscow

The Islamic State (IS) group claims responsibility for deadly Moscow attack

The jihadist group Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for an attack on a concert hall in the suburbs of Moscow on Friday evening, which Russian authorities said left at least 40 people dead. IS fighters “attacked a large gathering (…) in the vicinity of the Russian capital Moscow,” IS said on one of its Telegram accounts.

Paris denounces “odious acts”

France denounced “heinous acts” on Friday evening and demanded that all light be shed on the attack in Moscow which left at least 40 dead. “The images reaching us from Moscow are terrible,” reacted the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a message posted on X. “Our thoughts are with the victims and injured and with the Russian people.” Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni condemns “a heinous act of terrorism”. Spanish diplomacy says it is “shocked” by the deadly attack on Moscow.

The European Union “shocked and dismayed” after the “terrorist attack” in Moscow

The European Union is “shocked and dismayed” after the “terrorist attack” in Moscow, an EU spokesperson said on X on Friday. “The EU is shocked and dismayed by reports of a terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall in Moscow. The EU condemns all attacks against civilians,” said spokesperson Peter Stano after the shooting followed by a huge fire in a concert hall in the suburbs of Moscow.

Ukrainian military intelligence blames ‘Russian special services’ for Moscow attack

Ukrainian military intelligence has accused the Kremlin and its special services of orchestrating Friday evening’s deadly attack near Moscow to blame Ukraine and justify an “escalation” of the war. “The terrorist attack in Moscow is a planned and deliberate provocation of the Russian special services on the orders of (Vladimir) Putin. Its objective is to justify even harsher strikes against Ukraine and total mobilization in Russia,” assured the GUR, believing that the attack “must be understood as a threat from Putin to provoke escalation and extend the war”.

The police say they are “looking” for the attackers

Russian law enforcement officials said they were “searching” for the attackers responsible for the attack on the Crocus City Hall concert hall near Moscow. “Special units of the Russian National Guard are working at the site of the terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall. They are searching for criminals and evacuating citizens from the building,” National Guard Rosgvardia said on its Telegram account .

Vladimir Putin informed in real time

President Vladimir Putin is “constantly” informed and was “from the first minutes” of the deadly attack. “From the first minutes of the incident at Crocus City Hall, the president was informed about the start of the shooting. The president is constantly informed by all relevant services about what is happening and the measures taken,” said Dmitry Peskov , cited by Russian news agencies.

Russia will ‘destroy’ Ukrainian leaders if they are linked to attack

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev assured Friday that Russia will “destroy” Ukrainian leaders if it turns out that they are responsible for the deadly attack in this concert hall. “If it is established that they are terrorists of the Kiev regime… they must all be found and mercilessly destroyed as terrorists. Including the leaders of the state that committed such atrocity”, launched the former Russian president, number two on the country’s Security Council, on Telegram.

Ukraine ‘had nothing to do’ with Moscow shooting

Ukraine “has absolutely nothing to do” with the shooting in Moscow, said Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhaïlo Podoliak, calling it a “terrorist act”. “Let’s be clear, Ukraine has absolutely nothing to do with these events,” Mykhaïlo Podoliak, whose country has been fighting a Russian invasion for two years, assured on Telegram.

The White House has “no indication at this stage” of Ukrainian involvement

The White House, which “has no indication at this stage that Ukraine or Ukrainians are involved” in the attack. “I would advise against, at this early stage, making a connection with Ukraine,” said John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council.

Pro-Ukraine Russian fighters deny involvement in Moscow attack

The Freedom Legion of Russia, a group of Russian anti-Kremlin fighters based in Ukraine, has denied any involvement in Friday’s deadly armed attack at a concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow. “We emphasize that the Legion does not fight Russian civilians,” said the group, which blames “Putin’s terrorist regime.”

40 dead and 100 injured, according to the FSB

At least 40 people were killed and more than 100 injured Friday evening in an attack by armed men in a concert hall in the suburbs of Moscow, security forces (FSB) said. “The preliminary assessment of the terrorist attack perpetrated in the Crocus City Hall complex is currently 40 dead and more than 100 injured,” the FSB was quoted as saying by Russian agencies.

An investigation opened for “terrorist act”

Russian investigators opened an investigation for a “terrorist act” on Friday. “The Russian Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case for a terrorist act in the Moscow region,” this body responsible for the main criminal investigations in the country said on Telegram.

Russian diplomacy denounces a “bloody terrorist attack”

Russian diplomacy denounced on Friday as “a bloody terrorist attack” the deadly shooting and fire caused by unknown armed men. “The entire world community must condemn this heinous crime!” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova added on Telegram. The Russian security services (FSB) have so far spoken of “an attack” causing deaths and injuries.

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