Attack on Tehran: “Iran is a threat to the world,” says Israel’s ambassador to France

In response to Israeli strikes against its consulate in Damascus in early April, Iran launched an unprecedented attack against Israel on the night of Saturday to Sunday. In total, more than 300 drones and missiles were launched by Tehran. This Iranian attack is a response to the strike which destroyed the Iranian consulate in Damascus on April 1 and cost the lives of seven members of the Revolutionary Guards, including two high-ranking officers. Iran accused Israel of the strike, but the latter neither confirmed nor denied it. This attack, the first carried out directly by the Islamic Republic against Israeli territory, raises fears of a regional conflagration. For the occasion, Alona Fisher-Kamm, Israeli ambassador to France, was the guest of Pierre de Vilno this Sunday evening.

“We cannot remain without reaction”

Concretely, is there a need for an Israeli response to establish Israeli legitimacy? “Israel’s political and military leaders have said nothing on this issue of retaliation. Yes, we have said that Iran will pay the price. Yes, we have said that whoever hurts Israel, Israel will hurt it. badly”, she assures at the microphone of Europe 1. According to her, the Hebrew State will make its “calculation”. “I think it’s very clear to everyone. Such an attack of 300 drones and missiles must have some sort of response. We cannot remain without reaction and without reacting,” insists the ambassador.

She particularly highlights the strong coalition that supports Israel. “There is an important alliance with the Americans but not only, with other countries too, including France and some countries in the region. And they have understood that Iran is a threat and not only against Israel. It is a threat to the region and even to the world,” she judges. According to her, a regional threat is also a threat to the world. “We must understand the ideology of Iran. The need to export their ideology to the world began with neighboring countries. And the destruction of Israel is a step to dominate the world with their ideology,” denounces- she said.

For the ambassador, the fact that Iran has a nuclear bomb, with long-range missiles capable of hitting European capitals, is something very dangerous. “This is something the world cannot tolerate,” she concludes.

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