Culture news After the failure of Madame Web, this Marvel film has been pushed back to the end of 2024!

Culture news After the failure of Madame Web, this Marvel film has been pushed back to the end of 2024!

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After the disaster of Madame Web at the cinema, this Marvel film is pushed back later than ever in the year. But where is Sony going with its connected superhero universe?

At the start of the year, Madame Web was one of the biggest failures, both critically and popularly. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 12% and painfully spending the $100 million revenue on a budget, we can hardly speak of a new success for Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. As a reminder, this is the connected Marvel universe from Sony which owns the rights to Spider-Man and which uses characters from its mythology to offer films focused on them. After Venom, Morbius and Madame Web, it is around another antagonist of the Spider-Man to be entitled to his own feature film.

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After Madame Web comes Kraven

If you played Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 last year, you now know who Kraven the Hunter is, one of Spidey’s most famous enemies notably for a cult comic called “Kraven’s Last Hunt”. After this notable passage in video games, it is far from being the end for this iconic antagonist who is entitled to his own film as part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. On the big screen, the hunter is played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, no less, and a soundtrack was offered some time ago which you can watch at the top of the page. Just when everything seemed to be aligning for this project, things just took an unexpected turn.

A last minute change of schedule

At the beginning, the film Kraven the Hunter was scheduled for October 2023 before being postponed to August 2024. Except that from now on, we will have to be even more patient since the project sees its release set for December 13 next, to everyone’s surprise. A surprising choice when we know that Venom 3, nicknamed The Last Dance, is scheduled for October 30, which is only a month apart between two films in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.

To justify this decision, THE Hollywood Reporter tells us that Kraven the Hunter will take the place of Karate Kid which was planned for that date before also being postponed to May 2025. This follows the release of the sixth and final season of Cobra Kai on Netflix which was delayed due to the Hollywood writers’ strike. Since both take place in the same universe, Sony preferred to leave time after the end of the series to build up the hype around Karate Kid. For all these reasons, you will have to be patient before going to see Kraven the Hunter in the cinema.

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