Attempted Murder Alert – Choke Marks on Neck: Cobra Arrests Husband

Attempted murder alarm at two in the morning in Wels. The victim stood crying on the street, the cobra took the husband out of the apartment. The suspect is not a blank slate.

At 3.30 a.m. the phone rang at the Wels public prosecutor’s office. The police reported an attempted murder. Passers-by met a crying woman on the street in downtown Wels at 2 a.m. She stated that her husband of the same age (21) tried to strangle her. If she hadn’t managed to escape, he would have murdered her. The woman was not seriously injured, but had strangulation marks on her neck. The Cobra then stormed the apartment and arrested the suspect . Witnesses must also be interviewed, and past lives must be taken into account,” says Christoph Weber, spokesman for the Wels public prosecutor’s office in response to a “Krone” request. In fact, the suspect has anything but a clean slate. The Austrian was convicted of robbery in 2019, he belongs to the narcotics milieu and was also on trial for property damage and threats. Unfortunately, violence against women is always an issue. Most recently, a man from Linz (25) ended up in custody because he abused his girlfriend (20) for so long that she fled to the roof.
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