Autopilot Tesla: alerts asking you to hold the steering wheel will soon disappear

Like almost all partially autonomous driving systems, Tesla’s Autopilot meets level 2 of the SAE classification. It is therefore necessary to constantly monitor the system and be prepared to take control at any time. To ensure this, the car analyzes the driver’s behavior, more recently by using images from a camera facing him, but above all by asking him at times to give impulses in the direction in order to remind him of his presence.

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This last requirement should disappear with the next version v12.4 of the Autopilot FSD, announced Elon Musk on X. The car should therefore no longer ask its driver to give impulses in the direction when the Autopilot is engaged. However, this in no way removes his responsibility. We also imagine that the interior camera will still be used to ensure that the driver does not forget his duty of supervision.

If this remote update could be deployed in the coming days in the United States, it is difficult to imagine Tesla removing the requirement for these impulses in the direction in Europe. They are already required more frequently here than in the United States, in order to meet local regulations.

Replacing the torque sensor in the steering with a capacitive sensor directly in the steering wheel would nevertheless make driving with Autopilot much more pleasant. Many competing cars do not require steering input, since they are directly capable of recognizing the driver’s hands on the steering wheel.

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