Back 4 Blood’s new characters will indeed be paid

2022 should rekindle the flame of Back 4 Blood, which, despite its recent release, is not so popular anymore. To do this, Turtle Rock Studios intends to release several extensions adding things of all kinds to the game. One of the novelties brought by these last would be new Cleaners, the name given to the characters in the game.

On the roadmap published by Turtle Rock it’s been several weeks now, it was not specified if these additional characters would be free or paid, which intrigued the gaming community. Here is the roadmap in question:

It was only later, on Reddit, that Turtle Rock has provided details regarding these new Cleaners. They will actually be available through DLCs but the players wishing it will be able to buy them separately from these. When the question new PvE and PvP modes is asked of them, the developers reply that although nothing is planned at the moment, they own many ideas to introduce new modes in the future. More details on new content, announced or not, will come in the next few months.

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