bad news for motorists, prices risk exploding (here’s the reason)

Bad news for motorists: the price of fuel could start to rise again. In question ? Increases from distributors, singled out by a consumer association.

After sharp increases in fuel prices, motorists had the pleasant surprise of a stabilization and even a drop. But it could have been even more substantial. If the fuel check is over, other aid was planned by the government to deal with inflation. It has pushed many French people to deprive themselves or to try to better manage their budget (here is our file). Some are increasingly turning to second-hand products (find the best platforms).

But there’s not much you can do about fuel. And the National Consumer Defense Association CLCV (Consumption Housing Framework of Life) published this Thursday, February 15 a report evoking the gross margins of transport and distribution which would have a strong impact on household wallets.

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Fuel: excessive margins from distributors

The association denounces excessive increases. Amount between the price excluding taxes of fuel and the price leaving the refinery, distributor margins have resumed their increase since autumn 2023. Between 2018 and 2021, they were on average 15 cents annually. Distributors had announced a reduction during the summer, their margins amounting to 25 cents per liter. But in November, they increased again and rose to 22.2 cents per liter of diesel and 26 for gasoline in January 2024.

Justified by the refinery strike or the increase in distribution costs, they are today singled out by CLCV who consider such margins unacceptable. The major retail brands and the discounters of oil groups like Total access or Esso express would generally have “played the game” but not the brands of these groups (Total, AVIA). According to her, it is necessary to respect our commitments and to make an effort of around 5 to 8 cents per liter. The association questions these excessive margins “with a view to ensuring a balance between the interests of consumers and those of professionals”. Without this, prices could explode…

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