Bad news for the Livret A, help from the CAF… The 5 news of the week for your money

A bad surprise for the Livret A and LEP rates, an increase of 350 euros for aid paid by the CAF, 7 tax benefits to claim in your tax return… Here are the 5 unmissable news of the week for your money.

Two bad news coming for Livret A and LEP

A rate of the Livret A 3% since February 1 and which even reaches 6.1% for the Livret d’epargne populaire (LEP). But what will happen to these two investments from August 1, the date of the next review of their remuneration? Despite inflation that is still just as strong, savers risk being owed. Here’s why.

A new amount for this allowance paid by CAF

The announcement was published a few days ago at Official newspaper. The method of calculating the allowance for adults with disabilities (AAH), paid by CAF, will change from October 1. The income of spouses will no longer be taken into account. What will lead an average increase of 350 euros per month for tens of thousands of beneficiaries. But others risk losing out. Explanations.

7 benefits you forget to claim from the taxman

Without knowing it, you may be missing out on a tax credit or reduction. As the 2023 tax return draws to a close, here is a list of 7 often overlooked benefits that you should consider claiming from the tax authorities. If you have children, donate money to an association or earn investment income, you could well earn several hundred euros a year. Here’s how.

Please note this new price includes gas

Engie’s regulated gas tariff will disappear, as announced, on June 30. In this context, the Energy Regulation Commission unveiled its new marked tariff on Monday evening, which should enable consumers to compare suppliers’ offers. But this new tool hides several limitations. Here they are.

End of regulated gas tariffs: were you interested in leaving Engie for this fixed price offer from EDF?

The ceiling on the increase in rents extended?

Good news coming for tenants. The National Assembly will examine on Wednesday a majority bill to extend, until the end of the first quarter of 2024, the cap on the 3.5% increase in rents for households.

Since July 1, a rent shield has been introduced which prevents landlords from increasing rents by more than 3.5%. This system, which was to end on June 30, could therefore well continue for another 9 months.

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