Ballerina: All information about the “John Wick” spin-off with Ana de Armas and Keanu Reeves


“Ballerina” is a spin-off of the successful “John Wick” action film series starring Keanu Reeves. In the film, a young killer takes revenge for the murder of her family. We have all the information about the film with leading actress Ana de Armas.

  • “John Wick” is getting another spin-off with “Ballerina”.
  • After the film was announced in 2019, the film was postponed several times.
  • In the summer of 2025, however, the time will finally come.

In October 2019, the US studio Lionsgate announced that a spin-off to the “John Wick” film series was being planned. “Ballerina” follows a young assassin who wants to take revenge for the murder of her family. Ana de Armas plays the leading role and “John Wick” actor Keanu Reeves will also appear.

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Ballerina: Start

“Ballerina” was originally scheduled to hit theaters on June 7, 2024, but in February 2024, Lionsgate announced that the film would not be released until a year later. The new cinema release for the action flick is June 6, 2025. In Germany, new films usually start on Thursdays, which is why we can expect “Ballerina” in cinemas as early as June 5, 2025.

Ballerina: More action is the reason for the start postponement

The production of “Ballerina” was delayed several times. The current postponement of the cinema release from 2024 to 2025 was caused in favor of more action scenes, which are now also to be filmed.

According to the US magazine “The Hollywood Reporter”, the new film sequences will be implemented under the supervision of “John Wick” creator Chad Stahelski. Especially after the rather mixed reaction to the spin-off “The Continental”, Stahelski would now like to put the finishing touches on “Ballerina” again.

Ballerina: Trailer

There is currently no trailer for “Ballerina”. As soon as anything changes, you will find out here.

Ballerina: plot

“Ballerina” is about the young Eve, who trains to be a killer in order to take revenge on her family’s murderers. She seeks the help of John Wick.

Ballerina: Cast

Confirmed actors for “Ballerina” include leading actress Ana de Armas (“Blond”), Norman Reedus (“The Walking Dead”), Catalina Sandino Moreno (“The Affair”), Ian McShane (“American Gods”) and Anjelica Huston (“Addams Family”), Lance Reddick (“Bosch”) and Keanu Reeves (“Matrix Resurrections”).

Ballerina: Production

The screenplay for “Ballerina” comes from “Rebel Moon Part 1: Child of Fire” author Shay Hatten. The action film was directed by Len Wiseman (“Swamp Thing”).

Will the spin-off be a success?

With “Ballerina,” the “John Wick” universe is getting another spin-off after the series “The Continental.” But the story behind the film’s creation is a wild rollercoaster ride that doesn’t give any idea of ​​what “Ballerina” is actually like. Originally the film was not part of “John Wick”, but it only came about with the help of Lionsgate. In 2019, the studio announced that a spin-off to “John Wick” was being planned. However, until 2022, the film did not have a leading actress. When this one with Ana de Armas was found, Lionsgate announced that the film would be released in theaters in 2024. The release of “Ballerina” has now been postponed to 2025, which does not shed a good light on the film, after all it has been in planning for 8 years. Even after the moderately successful series “The Continental,” it is questionable whether “Ballerina” will be a success. However, the last “John Wick” film “John Wick Chapter 4” was very well received by fans and Keanu Reeves himself is a part of “Ballerina”, which could give the film the boost it needs to make it a success .

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  • Catalina Sandino Moreno

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  • Norman Reedus

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  • Chad Stahelski
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