Balletcore: In this trend you dance through everyday life

Balletcore trend
With these 5 looks we dance stylishly in the front row

The Balletcore trend is inspired by the looks of ballet dancers

© Raimonda Kulikauskiene

Light and feminine outfits are currently more popular than ever and which style fits better than that of ballet dancers? With the so-called Balletcore trend, we let ourselves be inspired by the stages of this world and show you which looks also fit wonderfully into everyday life.

Ballerinas and ballerinos have a graceful grace that we sometimes would like to have something of. While we may lack the right posture and dancing talent, we can at least keep up fashion-wise and recreate looks that would be ready for the stage. The beauty of clothing: it’s comfortable, lightweight, and flatteringly puts us in the foreground.

Balletcore: where does the fashion trend come from?

While we actually only see the dancers’ outfits on stage or associate them with the training sessions, balletcore is now also taking place on the catwalks and streets of this world. The designers rely on sensual, light looks that focus on the body of a person and thus strongly trace the contours. Tutus, tulle, ballerinas, cuffs, leggings and bodysuits are important components of fashion, which can not only be read as female, but should also be considered gender-neutral.

For warm calves: Legwarmers are back

Legwarmers are a must for the dancers and this autumn they are also in our wardrobe. They not only ensure warm calves, but also a small eye-catcher. Whether you wear them over pants or over tights and bare legs, leg warmers conjure up a beautiful look that’s also very popular with big fashion houses like Miu Miu and Prada.

Ballet flats are back

Yes, we thought for a very long time that we could say goodbye to ballet flats forever. But slowly but surely they are winning our hearts back, because they actually look super cute and chic. The Swedish influencer Matilda Djerf shows how ballerinas look great with wide trousers and how the cute style can be conjured up into a very casual one. The shoes can also be combined with long dresses to create a more romantic look.

Wrapped in tulle

Tulle turns every look into a highlight. Whether as a skirt, dress or blouse – the fabric brings some elegance and extravagance into your life. You can combine it very subtly and, for example, combine a tulle blouse with jeans, or you can go all-in and wear a striking tulle dress. Leah V. offers us inspiration on her Instagram channel by wearing a sheer tulle dress with a black bodysuit. Her look is rounded off with black gloves and a hijab that matches the color of the dress.

Perfectly wrapped thanks to cardigans

A beautiful and comfortable wrap cardigan should not be missing in the wardrobe because it is timeless and can be combined with really anything. With jeans, the look with a cardigan looks relaxed and calm. Influencer Michelle Fleur wears a light wrap cardigan together with a long skirt, creating a summery look that can also be worn in the transition to autumn. To imitate the autumn style, you simply choose a high-waisted skirt or dress, which you then pull the cardigan over.

leggings and bodysuits

Sporty styles are of course also part of Balletcore. With bodysuits, leggings and sporty one-piece suits, you can quickly bring the gym look to the street, because these pieces are also suitable for everyday use. The combination of a body with leggings or tights is definitely a typical look, but it can quickly become a bit too much. Together with a sweater and cool sneakers, you can integrate the leggings perfectly, and a body can also be combined with a short sweater or a wrap-around cardigan. If you want something more, Michelle Li’s ballerina look might be just right. The combination of arm and leg warmers as well as a body and matching leggings puts us right in the training room of a ballet school.

Ballerina makeup

The following also applies to the make-up look of trend aesthetics: less is more. The stage-ready make-up look works best with a tinted day cream that creates a glowy base. The Balletcore make-up is not contoured with a bronzer, but with a pink blush to conjure up a fresh complexion. The blogger Leonie Hanne shows what goes well with the neutral make-up look: the typical ballerina sleek bun.


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