Basic pensions will increase by 1.1% on January 1, 2022

Among the expected changes each 1er January, one particularly concerns retirees: the revaluation of pensions. For 2022, the rate was confirmed at World Tuesday, November 16 by the cabinet of the Secretary of State in charge of pensions, Laurent Pietraszewski: it will be 1.1%, against 0.4% on January 1, 2021.

A figure conforming to theestimate carried out at the start of the school year by the Social Security Accounts Committee. This 1.1% increase concerns all basic pensions, except those for lawyers.

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The supplementary pensions for employees, managed by Agirc-Arrco, for their part increased by 1% on November 1, and the revaluation rates that will be applied at the start of 2022 by the other supplementary schemes are not yet known. .

In practice, the increase must be applied to pensions due for the month of next January, which, most often, will be paid in early February. The solidarity allowance for the elderly (Aspa, the former minimum old age) must also be increased by 1.1%.

Application of the formula

As in 2020, the government has chosen to strictly respect the formula for calculating the revaluation of basic pensions as it is. enshrined in law since 2016.

If it has been calculated by the government from the inflation rate, this rate may surprise and make people cough, because it is lower than the various figures showing the evolution of consumer prices published in recent weeks.

For example, the latest forecast change in consumer prices for 2021, from INSEE is 1.5% (excluding tobacco including tobacco), expressed as an annual average (when expressed as an annual average, the rate takes into account reality two years of inflation because it reflects the evolution over the year, compared to that of the previous year).

The gap grows even more if we retain the 2.6% figure (excluding tobacco including tobacco, there too) at the end of October published on November 16 by INSEE, and which corresponds to the inflation actually observed and expressed in annual change (in other words, the increase in prices between October 2020 and October 2021).

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It must be said that there are many ways to display inflation … The figure on which the government bases itself to revalue the basic pensions, in application of the legal formula, corresponds to the annual average excluding tobacco for the twelve last known monthly indices, therefore from November 2020 to October 2021. Not for the entire calendar year. The last months of 2020, for which the rates were negative, are therefore taken into account.

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