BD Multimedia takes a majority stake in Olympus Game

Photo credit © NissierPictures

( — BD Multimedia increases its stake in the company Olympus Game AD. BD Multimedia now has a majority stake in the company. This participation comes just before a crucial stage for the Play2Earn game: the launch of the game in final version; the listing (quotation) of the Olymp token on the market.

Olympus Game is a ‘play to earn’ game based on 3D ‘tower rush’ gameplay. Olympus Game’s goal is to deliver the first truly fun and engaging play-to-earn game on the market that allows returning players to earn daily rewards. On the other hand, ‘play to earn’ (P2E or Play2Earn) NFT games allow players to own NFT assets in a video game and increase their value through typical in-game activities such as victories in challenges and fights, e-sport competitions, unlocking improvements in game progression, purchasing items…

By participating in the game economy, players create value for both the community and developers. Play-to-earn games then reward players with in-game item or token winnings.

During the session, BD Multimedia shares lost -0.53%, falling to 1.492 euros.


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