Be careful of this fake parcel delivery SMS, it’s a scam

A fake delivery SMS by Chronopost is currently circulating in France. It invites you to click on a fraudulent link through which hackers can recover your personal and banking information.

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With the myriad of existing online sales sites, it has become commonplace to have all kinds of packages delivered to your home or collection point. If you do it frequently, you are used to juggling between emails and text messages announcing almost every step of the sending. Unfortunately, the web scammers know it very well. A common scam is to send a message, often a text message, pretending to be a carrier and announcing that a package could not be delivered or that customs duties must be paid to receive it. This is false of course.

Currently, a similar phishing campaign is underway in the country involving Chronopost. Received among others by our colleagues at Clubic and supposedly sent by the company or one of its delivery men, it says this: “Hello, I was unable to deposit your package in the mailbox, please select a slot on” followed by an Internet link. The latter refers to a fake site where, thinking of rescheduling the delivery, the victim will actually give their personal and banking data to the hackers.

A fake SMS supposedly from Chronopost is circulating at the moment, be careful

The false message comes from a mobile number, 06 47 90 37 79, which in theory should be automatically categorized as spam by your smartphone. This is not always the case however, so you should exercise caution and look out for signs that it is a scam. Not to mention the fact that you should generally avoid clicking on a link contained in a message, you can see that it contains all the words likely to give you confidence:

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The SMS is also sent between 4 and 6 a.m., which is clearly not a time to have it delivered. When in doubt, just remember that if you receive a message about a package, you must have received others before the supposed delivery attempt. Contact the carrier directly with your tracking number so that they can check the status of the item.

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