Beatrice Egli: Will she find her dream man here?

Beatrice Egli
She goes hunting for men in the supermarket

Beatrice Egli

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The hit news of the day in the Brigitte ticker: Beatrice Egli reveals where she is fishing for men.

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January 12, 2021

Beatrice Egli: In the supermarket she goes hunting for men

Dating tips from Beatrice Egli, 32! The former DSDS winner and pop singer has been officially single for several years. But where should you find a possible partner if exit and contact restrictions apply due to the ongoing corona pandemic? Beatrice has found a new place to flirt: the supermarket!

Compared to "Woche heute" the singer explained that she could well imagine meeting her dream man in a grocery store. "And then I would look into his shopping cart first. That says a lot about a person. What does he buy? How does he live? Does he eat healthily? And above all, I can immediately see whether he is single or not", explained the "Bunt" interpreter.

In general, one thing is important to her. "I would like to meet a man in real life. Because I long for closeness. After that, not having to keep my distance all the time," said Beatrice.

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