Beauty resolutions: We should implement that this year


Beauty editor reveals
I will implement these beauty resolutions in 2021 – really!

Beauty resolutions 2021

Beauty resolutions 2021

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New year, new resolutions. A turbulent year is over, time for new good resolutions. Editor Friederike reveals her personal beauty resolutions for 2021.

For many, a new year also means good resolutions. In a wide variety of things. Exercise, smoke less or buy more consciously. This time, of course, with the plan to implement the resolutions guaranteed and not to throw them overboard after four weeks. Cross your fingers that it works! I also have a few good resolutions – especially when it comes to beauty.

1. Clean the brush

Admittedly, cleaning brushes is no fun. But still, we should all put a little more emphasis on it. Firstly, dirty brushes don't look nice and secondly, they can cause pimples and blemishes. No thanks, not with me! That's why I make a resolution to wash my brushes at the end of each week. Because: if they don't get that dirty in the first place, it won't take that long to clean them. Sunday, for example, would be an ideal day for a brush wash.

A little hint: My latest addition is an electric brush cleaner. Here you simply clamp the brush in, hold it in a small vessel with water and at the push of a button the brush is tossed around in the water. This makes brush washing really fun …

2. Use up products

I felt 14 concealers, 32 foundations, and 45 eyeshadow palettes at home. The number of products that I actually used up in 2021, on the other hand, is pretty manageable. In the home office, you don't really make up – at least not me. Even though I love trying new beauty products, I have to pull myself together in the new year. I will use up a few products first before I get new ones. This way nothing can go bad and you also save a little money. And if you have products that you don't like, just give them away to your friends – they will be happy.

3. Find Holy Grails

As you have just read, I have many (too many) beauty products. That's why I use something different every day. Perhaps that is also the reason why I have not yet found the best foundation for my skin or the perfect mascara. But for 2021 I plan to change exactly that. I want to find the perfect products that work best for me. And you should too. There is nothing better than finding the things that you can rely on 100 percent. It doesn't matter whether it's about care, hair products or make-up.

4. Try out new trends

There will also be new trends in 2021 – and loads of them. But far too often we don't get out of our comfort zone and just try something new. And I want to change that in the new year. Just dare to do something – and you will see how much fun it is. It doesn't matter if it's a new hairstyle or a color trend. Often we have to grow into certain things first and that only works if we give ourselves the chance to do so.

5. Hair styling time

I'll be honest: hair styling isn't one of the things I make time for. Somehow I'm mostly too lazy. After washing, I mostly let them air dry, although I know they won't be easy to tame afterwards. Do you feel the same way? Then from the new year we will act immediately instead of getting angry afterwards. From now on I plan more time – then at the end of the day I can't say anymore that I didn't make it. Also: I actually think signature hairstyles are pretty cool. Maybe it's time I got my own ?!