Because of high gas prices: SPD parliamentary group leader wants termination bans for tenants

Because of high gas prices
SPD parliamentary group leader wants to stop evictions for tenants

Because the first housing companies are passing the increased energy costs on to their tenants, the SPD sees a need for action. Those who can no longer pay their rent should not simply be thrown out, demands parliamentary group leader Hubertz. General Secretary Kühnert also urges action.

SPD faction deputy Verena Hubertz has suggested a freeze on evictions for rental apartments because of the high energy prices. Hubertz said in Berlin that tenants could not be put out on the streets and pushed out of the cities because they could not pay their gas bills.

Verena Hubertz

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SPD General Secretary and rent politician Kevin Kühnert called on Justice Minister Marco Buschmann from the FDP to quickly get the relief for renters underway as agreed in the coalition agreement. Among other things, it is about lowering the so-called cap from 15 to 11 percent. This limits rent increases in areas with a tight housing market.

“Need a protective screen for households”

There is no reason to further delay the agreed reforms, said Kühnert. Finance Minister Christian Lindner said that everyone had to work overtime to combat the crisis. “Perhaps Mr. Buschmann will just start working overtime and ensure that the legislation works smoothly after the summer break,” said Kühnert.

At the end of June, the SPD suggested an initiative to legally protect consumers from having their electricity or gas cut off if they cannot pay their energy bills. “We need a protective shield for households,” said SPD deputy parliamentary group leader Matthias Miersch. “For example, we have to prevent tenants from ending up on the street or having their gas cut off.”

Energy cuts for autumn and winter should be banned by law, Miersch continued. “We’ve got to get this moving quickly now.” Hubertz had also called for “targeted support programs” for companies.

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